It’s not the Olympics

It’s life.For most of us,We typically don’t spend years of targeted trainingFor specific events in the future thatCulminate in highly dramatic moments whenOur well thought out preparationMeets situations we have anticipatedAnd even rehearsed.Life itself is a curve ball.We may have imaginedWhat might happenIf a global pandemic broke outBut none of us were preparedTo live through […]

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You Only Get Today OnceUnlike YOLOThis is not an endorsement of a scarcity mindsetAs though we should behave as though this moment is all that we have.It’s not.We have a historyAnd God willing we have a future,And today is an opportunity to tip the arcThat connects our past and our future in a particular direction.The […]

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What is the point of your education? Beyond the better life it can afford you It’s helpful to consider the footprint our lives are leaving behind. The main trouble with selfish ambitions is that they are small. And wasteful. We settle for comfort when we could have gone for agency; The capacity to carve out […]

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Non verbal

There is more than one way to communicate your sentiments other than stating them out loud. Often it’s our actions that betray us; Not answering phone calls from your “valued customers”, Poor service delivery to the people who voted for you, Rocking up late for work. Every day. Sitting in the back row. Never swallowing your […]

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