Once more

The occurrence of a setting sunTells us that light is impermanent,That darkness is always imminent andSignals that even the brightest daysCome to an end.But the world doesn’t stop spinningWhen the sun goes down-Soon enoughThat sun will rise again.We’ve been through hard thingsBefore-Loss of loved onesDeath of dreamsDeep regrets.Battered, bruisedAnd light depraved as we’ve been,We made […]

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Jingle Bells?

Christmas feels differentWhen the peopleYou love aren’t with you.The tree looks smallerWhen you stand next to it alone,The lights don’t seemAs festive as they once wereThe 25th looks likeJust another day on the calendar.Maybe its the fact that the pandemicIsn’t overMaybe its because no one elseWill be there on Christmas morningTo say ‘Merry Christmas’ to.The […]

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Any day now

You’ll be glad you leftThat toxic relationship.The pain won’t be as freshThe rejection won’t be as rawYour need for their pat on your backWon’t itch so bad anymoreAnd you’ll find thatWings are better than cagesEven though theyWill always have something to sayAbout the way you flap them.Any day nowYou’ll come of ageWhen you’ll be okayWith […]

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Mourning my Younger Self

When life was simplerAnd I did not have to chooseBetween my conscienceAnd my securityWhen I didn’t see the hypocrisyOf the people I admiredNor painfully grapple withThe same double standardsWithin myself.I mourn my younger self-When anyone next to meCould be my friend,When temptations weren’t soDevastating,When the stakes weren’t so high,Coming to know that the true cost […]

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