Searching for Wakanda

For a version of the African story that’s more than Sentimental More captivating than a wildlife documentary Unfettered by directionless politics Bridling with economic energy Where the “average African” is prosperous Where education is not for show but for use And where the ambitions of our best and brightest Extend beyond personal lifestyle goals. The […]

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On being a hero

There is a sketchy kind of humilityThat stems from a having a need to be a hero.A sense of obligation to suffer for othersEven when it is not called for,Perhaps even feeling guiltyFor having good fortune.Being concerned about the less fortunateIs a wonderful virtueBut a terrible way to cover upFalse humility.Acts of service done for […]

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Getting into the festive mood

Is a decision. In this part of the world Many people decide from December 1st. And that decision creates a buoyancy That can usually last til January 2nd or so, When we “get back to reality”. But for the duration of the festive period, Many of us subconsciously choose To navigate the world with an […]

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We do not speak of hardships For the sake of pity. We do not point out inequality Because we are hoping for handouts. We do not cry about painful things Because we are weak. No. We are looking dead on At what’s wrong in the world, Coming to terms with the brutal facts Of our […]

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The Public Servant

What does it mean to be in service of the public? Commitment to the good of the common man A commitment to people not processes. Having an affinity for tools not trophies Trading in the currency of progress and not of prestige Realizing the irony of being the winner of a losing system Being committed […]

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Obscure no longer

Africa Our stories will not always be so obscure. I dream of a day when we have no more points to prove Or comparisons to make, But we stand strong and secure. Whole. When our people are benefit most from the riches on which they stand And have no need to bargain their worth. When […]

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Of Books and cattle posts

Growing up my Dad always used to tell us how he used to carry his books with him to the cattle post. In between minding the cattle he would read. Despite the demanding chores he had as a child, he never let that be an excuse for him not to study. Nor did he let […]

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The African Professional

Rising from poverty Is not the same as rising from blackness. While it is true that many black people are poor Being black is not synonymous with being poor. For the African health care professionals making their way into the middle class, It often occurs that progress in your career Can translate to a wrestle […]

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