Learning to swim

Sometimes it’s not that you’re a bad swimmer-You’ve landed yourself in choppy waters.Sometimes the water will be colder than you expected-Swim fast to keep warm.Sometimes your arms and legs will get tired-Take a break. This is not a race.Sometimes you’ll just tread water and stay in the same spot-You could use the exercise. Keep paddling.Sometimes […]

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What is it for? There’s a difference between running after a dream And trying to quench a thirst. Thirst for approval. Thirst for significance. You can hustle because you are trying to catch up, A push for acceptance A plea for people to like you. Ambition done well can build nations. But ambition is a […]

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On thinking small

Small mindedness is not objective.It is not a law like gravity that must be respected.It characteristically presents itself as the ‘Reasonable companion”To new ventures (or any venture for that matter). You could have all the resources thatOne could ever hope for And still think small.Its comfortable. Safe.Dependable even.But still small.And maybe not everything needs to […]

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The Urge

She did not only want to succeed in order to take care of her family, Be a responsible citizen, and make a meaningful contribution; These are the things she told herself are the fuel that drives her. But now that she had made it, it seemed her hunger only grew Somehow she has found herself […]

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