Pouring cement

The mind has this pernicious tendencyTo pour cement around our weakest momentsIn an attempt to immortalize themAs if to lay the foundation of a monumentTo who we will always beAs though it were our greatest benefitTo be anchored to our lowest points in this life,Forever bound to our mistakes.Or maybe the wet cement is hurledAt […]

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The pressure to be the greatest

Is truly unnecessary.Most of us won’t be rememberedGenerations from now.And maybe that’s not as devastatingAs it feels.Its a liberationTo be here in the momentAnd not demand that it be Instagram worthy.Being finite is not a weakness,As though it were something to be resisted.A life doesn’t need to echo through timeTo be well lived.We are not […]

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Go gently

Into the new week.Last Monday doesn’t have toCast a shadow on this one.The emotional baggageOf failed conversations.Poorly done tasks,And strained relationshipsCan take a steady tollOn your mental health,Melting the weeksInto a multi-episode dramaOf low-grade anxiety and fatigueThat coalesce to form aGrey and formless sludge.Go gently into the new week.Put away the boxing glovesAnd stop the […]

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Rooting for you

I wish you well.Not a superficial wishThat you might haveA storm free lifeBut a soul-deep wholenessThat stubbornly holds true in timesOf affliction.And yes, you are afflicted,Your body has betrayed youYour mind is frazzledYour spirit forlorn-You’ve taken a beatingAnd its okay to say so.I am rooting for you,That you find a placeTo lay your burdens,And find […]

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The space between our ears

Is a peculiar hinterlandOf wonders and horrors,Facts and fantasiesWhere human consciousness residesAnd personality is incubated-Animating our beingInterpreting our reality,Making us human.Many of us have found great canyons there:The birthplace of ambitionThe genesis of great endeavorThe vastness of joy and love.And at the same time some of usHave found dungeons more confining thanAny man-made prison:Trapped by […]

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Joking about the truth

Sometimes humor is all that people Feel they have As a shield Against the harsh realities of their existence. It’s not that they don’t care Or that they are negligent Or have no sense of the gravity Of their situation, But rather than crumble Or cry Or lapse into despair, Laughter seems like A fairly […]

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Outsourcing Sanity

How can we know who we are Unless we are shown? Humanity did not evolve And cannot persist in a vacuum. In the absence of other humans What would we be? No infant would survive With no breast to feed it, No language would be learned Without others to speak to, No reality contextualised With […]

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The hills we climb

Are not our enemies. The peaks get higher But our legs get stronger, The air gets thinner But our lungs learn to do more with less, The path gets mundane Compelling our eyes upwards to the stars In search of inspiration. The path is good because it is hard Because our feet were made for […]

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Rest.Take a moment to stop.Strategizing how you’re going toMake things work,Handling business,Planning events,Keeping your customers happy,Putting yourself out there,Curating that product,Performing for the masses.Rest,The anti-24/7,Just for a second,Or maybe even a day to simplyClose your eyesAnd just be.Know that the Third Rock from the SunWon’t stop in it’s orbitIf you take some respite.Sure, you may […]

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Shaking my head. Passing judgement Casting stones Handing out shame. Freely. Levelling my gaze of disapproval, Of borderline disgust And disappointment At this person Who never seems to get it right Who regularly sinks to the level Of my low expectations Whose accomplishments are easy to overlook And whose faults are so glaringly obvious. I’ve […]

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