What if no one reads it?

Well, if its never writtenThen even you won’t get to read it.Words on a pageHave a life of their ownAnd you have no ideaWhat havoc they might wreakOr what beauty they mightUnfurl like a flagIn the hearts and mindsOf those who read them.Thoughts can be fleetingAnd quickly dismissedBut words on a pageCan start firesThat burn […]

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Born out of Struggle

What is it aboutStruggleThat makes artAuthentic?About bleaknessThat makes a story moreVivid?Art and despairHave a strange relationship,As though certain treasuresCan only be hewnOut of the artist’sDistress.It is certainly possibleTo make things that areWonderfulIn the absence of disaster,Yet there is something aboutHeartbreakDevastationAnd depravityThat sweetens the penOf the ready writerAnd sharpens the mindOf the brooding creative.Perhaps it serves […]

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The consistent creative

Does her work dailyShows up unprovokedEmpties herself on her canvasAnd simultaneously gets filledBy simply being thereCreating. She isn’t here for the likesNor the vibesBut rather because her eye for aestheticsIs not satisfied with the status quo,And her ears have long tingledFor the stories she now writesShe is not asking for permissionNor is she waiting for […]

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When it comes to worthwhile academic or vocational pursuits, Its not so clear cut what counts as a worthy pursuit anymore. We can all point to examples of unhappy lawyers and doctors, Though highly respected pushed to the edge Worked to the bone; almost resentful of the well-beaten path They find their feet on. And […]

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