The greatest loss todayWouldn’t be if the best of what we haveWas lostBut if the best of what is to comeNever came. So often our knees buckleWhen we are facedWith the prospect of what progressIs going to cost usAnd whether we are fit for the task.Fortunately, the journey is not reserved for theStrong,But for the willing.499 […]

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The case for brevity

How many words does it take To make a point? Are the words on a page Seeds of ideas Or the entire tree? Is the author painting you a picture Or giving you a paintbrush? Answering questions Or asking them? Are words meant to fill up the readers mind Or should they leave room to […]

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Fear of writing trash

Is like an invisible arm Restraining my hand with an iron grip, Keeping my hand from Giving the words in my mind A chance to reach the page. It’s as though the mere sight Of unvarnished thoughts Are confirmation of my deepest doubts About my ability to write. And so rather than bear the pain […]

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Staying in the game

Today marks 8 years since this blog began. Not every blog postIs going to be a hit.Not every week is going to be a game changerNot every patient is going to recover.Not every person you pitch your project to is going to “get it”Some days you’re going to call in sickWhen really your body is […]

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The consistent creative

Does her work dailyShows up unprovokedEmpties herself on her canvasAnd simultaneously gets filledBy simply being thereCreating. She isn’t here for the likesNor the vibesBut rather because her eye for aestheticsIs not satisfied with the status quo,And her ears have long tingledFor the stories she now writesShe is not asking for permissionNor is she waiting for […]

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On choosing to write every day

The possibilities of what you can achieve over a lifetimeAre endless.On the surface this is liberating, but this is alsoTerrifying-With so many possible outcomesIt is impossible to know whether the path you chose not to takeWill be better than the one you did.And so its tempting to sit with possibility in your lapAnd hope for […]

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On making it big

You may never see your name in lights. Or listed on Wikipedia. And maybe I won’t either. In a world of so called endless ‘possibility’, The ‘possibility’ of celebrity is always present But not always probable. Nor is it a useful benchmark For the value we bring to the world. Going viral or getting famous […]

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Do you wait for inspiration to strike?Or do you go hunting for it? When I was youngerInspiration used to feel like an old manChasing me down the street,Waving an idea in his handAnd yelling at me to make him knownTo everyone else.So writing became a way of lettingA genie out of a bottle.Now that I […]

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