The cynic’s purse

Is always empty.There is nothing savvyAbout sowing doubt wherever you go,Permamently carrying a red penLike an examiner who refuses to be pleased,Finding fault and relishing it,Holding it up as thoughIt were a coveted trophy.Maybe if you weren’tRolling your eyes so muchYou’d see the substanceOf the many things you criticize.Its one thing to haveA lot of […]

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Consistent or Stuck?

Why be consistent?What is it for?Sure, showing upDay after day matters,But where is it going?Doing what’s expectedAnd then doing it over and over againMay create stabilityAnd predictability to our daysAnd a reputation for our name,But creating the same situationsOver and over againIs also the definitionOf being stuck.If you are building a house,It’s important to know […]

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Maybe they should keep us poor To keep us ‘humble’. Not too poor that we lack food to eat and rise up in desperation But poor enough to be grateful for our scraps And silent in our sufferings. Some of us choose to be meek Because the world could not handle our confidence And could […]

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Fear base

If the biggest fear of your team members Is getting shouted at by the team leader Then they will do all they can to avoid showing you The spills that happen along the way And stop trying to improve when you are absent or in a good mood. If we are going to fear anything […]

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If your idea of grooming the next generation Involves making them suffer as much as you did Then I would argue that you have failed to learn the true lesson of your own struggles and placed yourself squarely as an obstacle of the future. For those with such mentorship plans in mind, brace yourselves for […]

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The trouble with pushing your way through the crowd to get to the front Is that it becomes apparent that your ambition far outstrips your regard for those you had to displace to get there. When you have an agenda and you are pushing to get things done, its all too easy to push people […]

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Sometimes you wonder If the people on the prescribing side of red tape Realize how debilitating some of their rules and regulations actually are. To those that sit in board rooms and offices Making rules for the rest of us, It is important to remember that beyond the neatly written bullet points And well articulated […]

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Fragile Systems

Part of the beauty of the human body and any intelligent system Is its ability to adapt. To be able to have certain essential functions still running In non-ideal situations Your heart should still beat, even when you haven’t eaten for hours, Your lungs still take in air even when you are tired, And considering […]

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School of fools

The school of fools A class of men dominated by their fears, So adamant in their arrogance That it  leads to their ultimate ignorance; Ignorance of heart more than of mind Knowing so much about so little That they have convinced themselves that nothing else exists. A room full of blind men Boasting of their […]

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