There’s something about commitmentThat scares and steadies the heart all at once.Scary because it means forsaking other options,Steadying because now you have tethered your very existenceTo a piece of landTo a causeA businessA person.To be invested,To throw in your lot with anything on this Third Rock from the SunIs risky business:Many a cautionary taleSpeak of […]

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Mercenary Relationships

There is a popular narrativeAbout the kinds people we surround ourselves with,Encoursging us to sit with the strong andTo seek out the physically attractiveAnd the powerfulBecause the ‘smart’ thing to doIs to make sure you are surroundedBy people that can give you a leg up in lifeOne way or the other.While negative peer pressure is […]

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The One Stop Shop

Is a fable, A tale told by service providers and creatives alike About how they can be All things to all men And make something That everybody will like. It’s easy to rationalise this By imagining a customer or a consumer of content Looking through what you have to offer And not finding what their […]

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Second fiddle

Far too often, development in Africa Looks like a knock off of progress made in other parts of the world, Ideas that percolated in foreign minds That were tried and tested on (and for) foreign soils Only to be cut and pasted In a different context For different minds Different soil. Learning how others have […]

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The market always wins

Sure, But if it wins at our expense should we keep letting it? If the market wins and leaves millions vulnerable What kind of win is that? If the so called market forces supplant human thriving What exactly are we winning? If the market always wins It implies that something else always loses. Systems are […]

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Commitment begets commitment

It makes it easier to choose to stay forThe long haulWhen you see others choosing to do the same.Family.Art.Business.Fellowship.Consistency in othersCan often feel as concrete as the walls around us.This is why broken promises are so shatteringDisorienting.The atmospheres we inhabitAre made up of kept promises as much as they are of oxygen.Simply showing up consistentlyMatters. […]

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Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of things you do NOT need a certificate for: Getting your hands dirty.Volunteering.Caring about your work andSeeing ways to improve it.Pointing out injustice.Holding leadership accountable.Taking responsibility.Taking a leap of faith.Nurturing relationships.Building a good reputation.Playing nice with the other kids.Forgiving quickly.Praying.Being generous.Being grateful.Bouncing back from setbacks.Working on your business idea.Breathing life into […]

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The trouble with validation

Is how passive it is.How easily it allows you to ignore the green lightsYour Creator already gave you.How at the core of it, its a lack of beliefThat you are here for a reason.For some of us, it means giving someoneWho can’t even spell your nameThe right to tell you who you are.Awaiting validation is […]

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