Despite their best effortsOf endless wedding planning,Repeated head countsAnd scrupulous budgets-Reality had outdone them.At the worst possible momentThey found themselvesLacking,In need of a miracle.The jars of wineThat were once overflowingHad now run dry.So Mother MaryMade a request of Jesus,One that would set in motionA public lifeThat would lead to a public deathAnd ultimately a greater […]

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Finish Lines

Are unpredictable.Even mystical.I have foundThat I rarely feelLike I thought I wouldWhenever I cross one.Its usually becauseThe next set of endeavorsLoom so largeThat they cast a long shadow on thisSuddenly unremarkable finish line,And I soon forgetHow many long nightsI spent in anticipation for this moment-This moment that has turnedSeverely anticlimactic andAlmost a definite disserviceTo the […]

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