On Changing the World

What is it exactlyThat you want to change?What exactly is missing?Sometimes we imagineWhat we would doIf we ever got the powerIf we ever got the opportunityIf we ever got a go at the wheel-How things would be betterHow we’d finally be happy.Changing the worldMay not look likeWhat we expected,And maybe being in chargeWon’t be all […]

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Light years

You will always be light years away From perfection Because though all created things Have infinity bound up within them- No matter how many hills we climb And dragons we slay There will always be yet another height Yet another beast. We live in world Of inescapable limitations with Facts that will remain unchanged No […]

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The time When the cold days Slowly loosen their grip On our neighbourhoods, When heavy blankets Are folded away Until next year, When winter coats Are sent to the dry cleaners. When the jacarandas Come out to play When the early rains Of the planting season Fall on dry and thirsty soil Ushering in that […]

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Life Within

Have you ever lookedAt one of your best picturesAnd asked yourself“And where have you been hidingAll along?”Or perhaps found yourselfSuddenly capable of holding your tongueThough it squirms in your mouth,Or pausing a momentTo let someone else winFor once,Or taking a leap of faithWhen you’d sworn to never take a chance again.The best versions of ourselvesAre […]

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Forward motion

There’s something about deciding to changeThat feels ridiculous.As though we owe a debt to our former selvesThat must be repaid by making the same choicesOver and over.Walking away from addictionStarting to save moneySitting down to actually studyPicking up your pen againPutting on running shoes for the first time in monthsChoosing to forgiveSwallowing prideOpening yourself up […]

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Thorns in the flesh

Accountability, done right,Hurts.People that have the courageTo call things outAre often portrayed as being So unnecessarySo contrarianSo unwilling to just let things beAnd let ‘our way of life’Go on.And yet there is nothing more constantTo mankind than change.And it is unlikely that change will happenWithout frictionWithout uncomfortable conversationsWithout pushing back on thingsWe’ve let ourselves overlook.The […]

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If you’re frustrated

You could just be earlier than everyone elseSeeing what no one else sees yetRealising that every problem you come acrossIs one that you’re going to have to deal withOr endureAloneUntil someone else ‘gets it’.If you’re frustratedYou could be in the wrong houseLiving with the wrong peopleSpending your energy on the wrong projectsMeasuring the wrong thingsFor […]

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We do not speak of hardships For the sake of pity. We do not point out inequality Because we are hoping for handouts. We do not cry about painful things Because we are weak. No. We are looking dead on At what’s wrong in the world, Coming to terms with the brutal facts Of our […]

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At the moment he said yesHe had no way of ever being quite ready for it all.For what would later come with his decision.He had made his calculationsAnd had an inkling of what it could be,But until the reality of it came upon himHe would never really know the cost.After this, there would be thingsHe […]

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