If you’re frustrated

You could just be earlier than everyone elseSeeing what no one else sees yetRealising that every problem you come acrossIs one that you’re going to have to deal withOr endureAloneUntil someone else ‘gets it’.If you’re frustratedYou could be in the wrong houseLiving with the wrong peopleSpending your energy on the wrong projectsMeasuring the wrong thingsFor […]

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We do not speak of hardships For the sake of pity. We do not point out inequality Because we are hoping for handouts. We do not cry about painful things Because we are weak. No. We are looking dead on At what’s wrong in the world, Coming to terms with the brutal facts Of our […]

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At the moment he said yesHe had no way of ever being quite ready for it all.For what would later come with his decision.He had made his calculationsAnd had an inkling of what it could be,But until the reality of it came upon himHe would never really know the cost.After this, there would be thingsHe […]

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