Staying for the right reasons

It is not wiseNor is it sustainableTo endure difficult thingsOut of guilt,Or obligation.Life is complicated,Confusing at timesConvoluted.It’s one thing to want to be somewhereBecause its the best you’ve encounteredAnd have no real reason to complain,Quite another when you areAgonizing,Suffering to do the right thing.Jesus sweated bloodWhen faced with the prospectOf what it would takeTo love […]

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The church is not a product

To buyNor a show to attendNor a business to invest in-It is a body to belong to.Those that sit in her pewsAre not audience membersSeeking entertainment,They are members of a symphony,Participants in a dance a dance of graceWhere sinners get their day ofReckoning with mercy,Where the imperfectMeet PerfectionWhere crooked motivesAre made whole,Where the work ofSelf-deternination […]

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The cupboard has been moved

“Being a part of the furniture” Can be seen as a term of endearment. People know where to find you. You show up regularly enough For others to know they can lean on you, Depend on you Make plans around you And sadly, also take you for granted. For any organisation, It’s important to recognize […]

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Walk with me

Side by side.Accompany me.I fear that in your haste for progress You might try to pull me from the frontAnd lose sight of meAnd I will resent you for it.Or maybe you’ll try to push me from behindOnly to be surprised at how much I stumble,And despise me for being so slow.So if you really […]

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From a distance

She wasn’t “his type”And neither was he hers.And yet they found something truly wonderfulThat has bloomed in ways they never could have considered.Love, it turns out, saw something they hadn’t. She was sure that the people of her new churchWere really not her people.She was sure they would never know her well.And yet she found […]

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There is room in God’s house For everyone. Unfortunately, even room for the people you don’t like; The bullies The ones with no backbone The snobs The mobs The ones who should know better The ones with a stiff upper lip The hypocrites The irreverent The goody too shoes The inconsiderate The know it alls […]

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Return on Investment

Ah yes, the ROI. The frame of thinking to determine Whether or not the potential outcome justifies the input. A fancy way of asking “Is it worth it?” Right now it’s a useful question when considering What you are going to invest in next year. You can make decisions based on things you can measure. […]

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Means and Ends

What is the goal of religion?Is it not fellowship with God?The prayers, the scriptures, the fellowshipAre channels towards where we hope to goBut they are not the destination themselves.We do not pray for prayer’s sakeOr sing on Sunday morningBecause that’s what we’ve always done.We do all this in pursuit of Someone Great.How foolish to get […]

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