The cynic’s purse

Is always empty.There is nothing savvyAbout sowing doubt wherever you go,Permamently carrying a red penLike an examiner who refuses to be pleased,Finding fault and relishing it,Holding it up as thoughIt were a coveted trophy.Maybe if you weren’tRolling your eyes so muchYou’d see the substanceOf the many things you criticize.Its one thing to haveA lot of […]

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Being an agent of change is awkward  Often difficult to find yourself on the unpopular side of a conversation Speaking when others would have you stay silent Showing up when others have made bets you wouldn’t  Offering grace to those who don’t deserve it Salt is not a meal on its own And not a […]

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On shrugging your shoulders

Do it enough times And you will forget that your opinion even matters, Turn a blind eye often enough and you’ll stop seeing injustice for what it is. Making excuses and accepting nonesense for the sake of peace Only makes “peace” for a short while. But sooner or later, complacency in the midst of chaos, […]

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