Stuck in the mud

Sometimes we get interruptedOn our way,Thrown together by fate for a whileWith people we thoughtWe’d only be with temporarily.United by strange circumstancesAnd inconvenienceAll trying to make sense of the momentAnd find the best way out of it.Yet what we found is thatThe mud did more than stick our feetTo the ground,It also bound our hearts […]

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Watching the wind

God called manTo be stewards of His creationTo name the animals He madeTo inhabit the earth He createdTo be sowers of seed-Not watchers of windNor foretellersOf what will succeedAnd what will fall to pieces.There’s something aboutSowing seedThat demands trust.For every crop that has everBeen producedWe have only sown the seed,And done our best to nurture […]

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Glory days

We don’t always knowWe’re in the good old daysWhen we’re in them.When life more or less went according to planAnd seasons were predictable,When the money was goodAnd the love came easy-‘Glory days‘As it were.But not everything wasBetter in the past.Life before the pandemicWas not a bed of rosesAnd it turns outWhat someone calls the ‘Good […]

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We are far from perfect

But worth fighting for. That’s the best most of us can hope for From the people that get to know us. It’s unfortunate that it’s often the people That love us the most That get the short end of our stick, They stick around long enough to see us After our daily performance When our […]

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Headlines up close

Most of us will never make the news.Whether for disaster or delightThe news remains somethingOn the other side of town,One step removed.But when a virus we first saw on TVEighteen months agoMade its way into our neighborhoodsInto our householdsAnd then all the way into our lungs,Those once distant headlinesLoomed large,Large enough to revealThat humanity is […]

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Soft Power

Every so oftenSome of us find ourselvesWith the means to shape thingsSignificantlyRemarkablyDecisively.To exist in the worldIn such a way thatMakes room for others to thriveTo suffer lessTo prosper.Power is at it’s weakestWhen used for small ambitions;Personal enrichment and short term aspirations.Power at it’s greatestIs soft.Soft enough for the broken to lie onYet strong enough to […]

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The faces we see on a daily basis, Familiar though we don’t really know their stories. The faces in frames on our living room wall, We may not see them daily but their stories are embedded in our own. The contacts on our phone Scrolling past people we once spent many hours with While other […]

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Nights like these

Rain softly dances on the window pane. Troubled thoughts skid across my mind. The light is too bright. This chair is no longer comfortable. I wish I could go outside And be in the world without a mask, Without thinking too much… The rain is a nice distraction from serious thought Until I remember that […]

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