Soft hearts, thick skins

Being numbIs not a great way to be human.Neither is being one without boundaries,Without barriers from the harsh elements.We need thick skins-Not to tolerate abuseBut to keep from being unable to distinguishBetween insults to ignoreAnd wrongs that need righting.We need soft hearts-That still know how to cryAnd how to appreciate, deeply,The existence of others.We cannot […]

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What happiness is like

Happiness looks a lot likeLetting go of expectations.It tastes like making friendsOut of bitter enemies.It smells like trust.It rhymes with communityIts in the same class as forgivenessAnd it goes on vacation with having a good sense of humor.When happiness seems out of reachThe next best thingIs to reach for its neighbors.

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Worst Case Scenarios

Are oddly appealing.They play up too perfectlyTo my fears,They taste like the truthAnd dress themselvesWith great importance,Demanding to be seenAnd savoredIn advance.Somehow playing outThe worst version of eventsIn my mindFeels like good preparationFor the future,Even if those eventsAre largely unlikely.Its uncanny how much easier it isTo trust my own judgementWhen predicting disasterThan it is toTake […]

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Always trust your feelings

Well of course do not.Your feelings are not true North.They are not our best yard sticks for progress,Nor our clearest lens for reality.Its almost always the wrong thing to doTo hold others hostage to them.Hurt feelings are not equivalentTo crimes commitedAnd gratified feelings are notThe the same as steps taken in the right direction.And while […]

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