On being sure you’re behind

The totem poleDoesn’t sum up all of human flourishing.It doesn’t account forYour private wins that no one else cares about,Your secret battles with sinAnd the hard won inner territories,The stutter you learned to stillAnd the healing of the wounded child inside of you,The effort you still make to not let your pastHold you backAnd the […]

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Underselling ‘better’

Improvement is a giftWe can offer ourselvesThrough focused effortAnd applied hope.ComparisonIs a wound we can afflictOurselves withThat will bleed bright redEven on our best days.We tend to undersellBeing ‘better’As the thing you reach forWhen you’ve tried and failedAt being the best,But the reality isIf you’re ever going to beThe best you can beIt would surely […]

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The Long Game

We are not in a rush.We have no points to prove,Just goals to achieve.We are not out hereTrying to appearLike we have ‘arrived’When the journey has reallyJust begun.We are not ashamedOf starting small.We will not dismiss ourselvesBecause we have been overlooked by others.We will not measure ourselvesBy the success of other people,We will celebrate every […]

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