On wanting it too much

I was recently playing a game of 30 seconds.Those who have played this before Can attest to how high the stakes can become:Somewhere along the way, Some of us competitive typesLump in more emotion and meaning Into each win or loss than a board game calls for. Its one thing to do something wellFor its […]

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The problem with viewing the excellence of others as competition Is that it makes enemies out of potential allies. Being the only one offering a particular service is not very reliable way of distinguishing yourself, Because all it takes is one other person doing it a little bit better or cheaper than you to make […]

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On ‘winning’ arguments

There are moments in a conversation When the flow of words is no longer an activity of mutual edification, When the roles of speaker and listener are no longer revolving, And the couch of conversation Has become a podium of proclamation; The conversation has become A public speaking exercise Where the one with the best […]

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