Other people’s pride

Is not an occasionFor your own.Not much goodHas ever come from two stubborn peopleEach being well aware of the need forReconciliationBut each saying to the other‘’You first’’.Humility hurts only for a momentFor once pride has been swallowedIt almost invariably gives wayTo a kind of freedomLightness of heartAnd purity of spiritThat comes from not letting the […]

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Four Minutes

How long does it take to catch feelings? To get offended? To be overwhelmed by emotion? The trek up Kilimanjaro Takes about a week Of committed hiking To reach the summit, But a mountain’s worth of offence Can form out of thin air In four minutes or less And may take decades to overcome. There’s […]

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Healing is a Choice

And wholeness is not a luxuryFor those that have never been hurt.Building a theater to showcase your woundsMay earn you a moral high groundBut that is not a stage you canStand on for long.Because soon enough,The sores you insistOn leaving openWill help you descendTo the same depthsAs your offenders.Victimhood makes for a flimsy identity,No matter […]

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Do you have to agree with everything That ‘everyone else’ calls progress? Are questions asked, the same as Fists raised? Is there room for doubt? Are the only options available the ‘true believers’ And ‘the enemy’? Do differences of opinion Translate to utter incompatibility? Do we want to live in a world of toxic peace […]

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The faces we see on a daily basis, Familiar though we don’t really know their stories. The faces in frames on our living room wall, We may not see them daily but their stories are embedded in our own. The contacts on our phone Scrolling past people we once spent many hours with While other […]

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