Retail Joy

The promise of the retail storeIs that sitting on their shelvesIs the thing your heart has been yearning forAll along,All you need is cashAnd you too will be care-freeWind in your hairLiving your best life,But how much happinessCan you actually buy?There are hard limits to whatRetail joyCan really deliverAnd even its greatest offerringsFall far, far […]

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Really is more sometimes.Not everything we want is good for usAnd there‚Äôs nothing worse than more of a bad thing.Not everything needs to be upgradedSupersizedOr bought in bulk-Sometimes having too much food on your plateWorks against your ability to enjoy the meal altogether.For those of us who have known what it isTo go withoutIts easy […]

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Create before you consume

With so much on displaySo much content on demandWe can spend the rest of our livesJust consuming it all.But there are things only we can makeThat still need to be made:ProposalsSunday dinners,Scary phone callsSide hustles and passion projects.Families. Anyone can eat.But there are things that youAnd you only can make. Make space for your art. […]

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