The Lie of the Sacred Object

The little voice saysSomewhere in a mall,A car dealershipOr real estate catalogueLies the thingYour heart has been longing for.Somewhere out thereIn the arms of a loverOr the companionship of a friendIs the total acceptance you crave.Nay friend,You won’t find it encodedIn another stamp on your passport,And when your excursion in natureComes to an endYour longing […]

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Peaches and plums

Great is the discontent  Of the man who demands  That a different fruit grow  On the trees of his life. It may be that he desires  A better quality fruit, For which he must ensure  A rich soil and conducive moisture, But for a plum tree to produce peaches? Being exasperated that the plums  Are […]

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The real you

Isn’t riddled with insecurityScrolling on a screenLooking for meaning,Pining for designer clothesAnd ‘summer bodies’Racing up the corporate ladder,The real youIsn’t exhausting your yearsPlaying catch upCompensating for childhood traumas,Proving people wrong,Building statues in honorOf your coping mechanisms,Holding onto whatever you can find in this lifeFor fear that there’s nothing else,Chasing after more and moreAnd finding less […]

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Unfinished Symphonies

Must the song play  All the way to the end  In order to be beautiful?  Must every person you meet  Approve of you  In order for you to feel worthwhile? Must every one of your desires  Have been accomplished  For your life to have mattered? How out of reach is contentment?  Many of our symphonies  […]

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On to the next one

When I was still at high schoolI couldn’t wait to go to college.And when I got to collegeI found myself longing to graduate.And now, as a graduateThere are countless next steps to aim for,And always a sense thatSomething’s missing.Daily, the goal posts shiftEver so slightly.There’s always something else.Something beyond.The job I once dreamed ofIs now […]

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Accelerator crisis

In many respects, We live simultaneously the best and worst lives of any generation gone before us. The potential for greatness has never been greater Nor has the proximity of discontent ever been closer. Its easier to get more things in this life than ever before, Especially if you’re born in the right places with […]

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