Not knowing as a resource

Despite what Google would have you believeNot knowing is actually a resource,A gift even.To not already know what someone is going to sayKeeps you on the edge of your seatWaiting for each sentence,Not knowing for sure how difficult the work isKeeps you from quitting upfront.Not knowing every part of the pathKeeps you from walking foolishly.Not […]

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I hear you

But I can tell from your sentencesThat you are not hearing me.It seems that you think my silenceMeans agreement.You haven’t noticedThat I checked out long ago.You didn’t even ask meHow I’m doingYou didn’t hear me sighOr maybe you didBut chose to keep it moving,You had your own news to share after all.But I am human […]

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Loud voices

Can be co-existed with.Celebrated even.In a world where unheard voicesAre being sought outIts often easy to startBy silencing the louder voices-‘Tone it down’,‘Stay on mute a bit longer’,‘Let others shine’.But what if loud voicesWeren’t necessarily dominating?What if we could find a way to prosperAltogether?The loudest voice in the roomDoesn’t have to drown outAll the others,It […]

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The thing you most need to say

Is often the hardest thing to say.It takes up so much real estateIn your mind, yetYou’ve become accustomedTo suppressing it,Brushing it off,Kicking the can down an endless road,Only to find that the you’re kicking itDeeper into your psyche,Where its taking rootAnd changing your mental landscape.And though the wordsMay never be found on your lips,They speak […]

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Strong winds

Are an asset for a windmill farmBut a disaster for fruit trees.Strong opinions are like strong windsThey can drive important conversations alongBut if we’re not carefulWe may just make it really unlikelyFor the fruits of other people’s mindsTo flourish in our presence.Blowing other people overIn righteous crusades of debateOften leaves to a double loss:First you […]

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The hedgehog

There is a form of introversion That involves folding in tightly on oneself In order to process matters privately. Not out of cowardice Or a lack of character But rather a natural adaptation Of needing time alone To make sense of the world- Especially if there is conflict. For they consider conflict a meal Best […]

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Heated discussions

Rarely yield much. And it’s a shame, because I love to debate. To make a point. To engage in a fight And win it. I found myself fighting today. A friend of mine saw something differently than I did And within a few minutes I was rearing to go, Passionately delivering my points of view, […]

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