For the love of anger

It turns out anger is prettySatisfying to keep around.It fortifies your moral high groundAnd distinguishes you from the riffraffWho have no opinion.And people take you more seriouslyWhen you’ve really perfected it,Maybe even decorated itWith a touch of sarcasm.Oh and how delightful resentment is,I can’t seem to get enough of it.It reminds of a timeWhen the […]

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Rooting for you

I wish you well.Not a superficial wishThat you might haveA storm free lifeBut a soul-deep wholenessThat stubbornly holds true in timesOf affliction.And yes, you are afflicted,Your body has betrayed youYour mind is frazzledYour spirit forlorn-You’ve taken a beatingAnd its okay to say so.I am rooting for you,That you find a placeTo lay your burdens,And find […]

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COVID Christmas

The pandemic isn’t over.Far from it.Some of us didn’t make it.Some of us are stuck in foreign placesSterilized roomsAbusive houses.Some of us can’t be with the ones we love.Some of us are sitting aloneIn silence. In darkness.Isolation.Christmas has always been rough for many-A reminder of what could have been,But isn’t.ChristmasIs not only for the merry;The […]

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