Creative timing

Timing really mattersWhen it comes to creative work-Are the people readyFor what you have to offer?Are you doing your most important workDuring your most productive hours?Are you in a rush? Do you have to be?Creating healthy rhythyms for creative workIs as important as the creative work itself.Finding the best times of the dayTo be creativeLocks […]

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False Starts

Sometimes its not that you hadn’t preparedOr failed to count the cost,Its that you were too certainThat it would work,Too dismissive of the prospect of failure.Its not that you didn’t careIts that you hadn’t anticipatedThat your heart would move onThat your priorities would change.False startsAren’t indications of a fickle characterA weak willOr a deceptive intention,But […]

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Twice Removed

It gets harder and harderTo remove yourselfFrom the success or failureOf the work you doAs you become increasinglyInvested in it.Nothing destroysYour chances of creating wonderful thingsQuite as quicklyAs being too closely entwinedWith the outcomes.Sure, one hopes for recognitionAnd applause is a signThat you’re onto somethingBut that’s not whereThe secret sauce comes from-Its not where the […]

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Writing for Survival

SometimesThe pen is all I’ve gotTo fight off the zombiesThat threaten to feast on my brainAt the end of the day,Bringing to lifeThe half-dead dreamsThat day to day reality beats downRelentlessly.In a world that seems hellbentOn mispronouncing my nameAnd misunderstanding my storyThe pen often feels like the only place whereMy truth feels safe enough to […]

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Writing for ‘likes’

Isn’t always as tackyAs it sounds.Sometimes the feedback I getAbout my writingIs just what I needTo sit down and write again tomorrow.Not many of usCan truly live our livesNot caring aboutWhether or not our work resonates;Most of us relishPositive feedback-And that’s not an indicationThat we’re shallow.Its just nice to knowThat I’m not randomlyShooting out wordsInto […]

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What if no one reads it?

Well, if its never writtenThen even you won’t get to read it.Words on a pageHave a life of their ownAnd you have no ideaWhat havoc they might wreakOr what beauty they mightUnfurl like a flagIn the hearts and mindsOf those who read them.Thoughts can be fleetingAnd quickly dismissedBut words on a pageCan start firesThat burn […]

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Have often felt like a hurried walk- Not quite jogging But definitely not strolling. One of those days of the week That I keep forgetting what day it is. Friday seems so far away. The week ahead looms long. Distracted. To do lists growing steadily. Yesterday’s dishes are still in the sink. Already feeling over-committed […]

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Opportunities for mediocrity

Are endless. Ubiquitous. Almost inevitable. Where we leave our heart At the door And occupy the least demanding seat In the room. No raising of hands No attempts to do better- Nothing too costly. Plenty rolling of eyes Plenty defence of the status quo Especially if it’s convenient For ourselves. For now. The chance to […]

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The Resistance is Relentless

No matter how many times I show up To write To speak To contribute There’s a disapproving figure Somewhere between my ears Sometimes quietly suggesting Other times explicitly yelling That I have no right to be here No grounds to be sharing an insight No real reason to share my thoughts. And it wouldn’t be […]

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