The One Stop Shop

Is a fable, A tale told by service providers and creatives alike About how they can be All things to all men And make something That everybody will like. It’s easy to rationalise this By imagining a customer or a consumer of content Looking through what you have to offer And not finding what their […]

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He really wanted to be good.Someone who left an impressionThat would last longerThan the haircut he would give.Yet there was something elseInside himA festering corner in his mind,A place to hide from the discomfortOf progress,He found himself deeply fearfulOf artificially receding someone’s hairlineOr, God forbid, disfiguring a little boy’s headWith his clippers,Every morning as the […]

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Proxies for progress

There are number of things in professional lifeThat serve as proxies for progress;Weak substitutesFor the work that really mattersAllowing us to be ’busy’ yet not really creating valueSpending the day raking leavesInstead of digging for gold.Important work demands focusAnd in a hyper-connected worldHellbent on distracting usFocusing on hard things is harder than ever,And its much […]

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Staying in your lane

Doesn’t have to be a put down Or a sign that you don’t belong That you cannot do great things That your story cannot change. It can also mean knowing yourself Well enough to actively choose your own path And trusting yourself enough To persevere when things don’t seem too promising. Your lane is yours […]

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Creativity = Rebellion

There are things worth rebelling against:ApathyIgnoranceHalf-heartednessDespairPlagiarismDisadvantaging the vulnerablePerpetuating a poor track recordA culture of exclusionTardinessSuperficial unityUnequal scales.Finding ways to do things betterOften requires intentonal steps in unpopular directions-The thing about the status quoIs that no one feels responsible for itYet everyone not pushing against itMakes it possible.In civic life we celebrate people today who were […]

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What is it about words that move us?Give us peace?Wound us deeply?We may never know how far reachingOur words may be,In prose or in speechThere is not way of knowingHow deeply embedded they become in the psycheOf those they reach,From the testimony of a recovering addictYou may never meet,Whose story you see and hear through […]

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Are not absolutely limiting.Many of the legends we admire have had limitationsThat would make most of us tremble:From disease to discriminationThe threat is always real.And the fact that victoryIsn’t certainMakes the storyThat much more compelling.Our limitations need not absolutely limit usThey can be the walls that narrow our focus,The containers that help us hold the […]

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Staying in the game

Today marks 8 years since this blog began. Not every blog postIs going to be a hit.Not every week is going to be a game changerNot every patient is going to recover.Not every person you pitch your project to is going to “get it”Some days you’re going to call in sickWhen really your body is […]

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