Words for the grieving.

There are few.Few that will suffice.Few that will offer true solace.Words cannot fill a voidThat a person once did.They will always be inadequateAlways less than what a bewildered heartNeeds.So if you find yourselfIn the presence of the grievingAnd on the verge of mounting intoA monologue regarding the nature of lifeAnd death,Keep in viewThe limits of […]

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On loss

Death, to us humansIs final.The end of the roadThe inevitable cliffWe all fall off.In this pandemicWe lost moreThan we thought Our hearts could handleMore than we thought Would ever happen to us.Death has never felt morePremature.Yet,There is One who Turns graves into gardensWho, Himself plunged Into the abyss of death And came out the other […]

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SometimesAll that the times we live inGive room for us to doIs survive.To take the beating,Go through the hurricane,Enter the cesspoolAnd somehow come out the other side.COVID has taken a lot from usAnd sadly it may take more still.The days are darkAnd maybe some of us aren’t going to haveAn outrageous storyOf how we overcame.Some […]

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Three score and ten

70 years.That’s what most of us can hope for.The drama of lifeThe horrors of being at the mercy of the mercilessThe comedy of the honest fumblings of the innocent,All the wear and tear and degradationAll the new songs and new morningsPointless meetingsAnd moments of transcendenceAll the ambitionAll the sufferingLived out on this small blue planet-Billions […]

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