Day two

There’s nothing quite likeLooking in the mirrorThe day after you’ve madeA big decisionTo come to termsWith where you’ve gotten yourself into.Are you here for the right reasons?Will it change anythingIf no one else is watching?Are you happy?Day twoIs when the initial reaction wears offAnd you get to better appreciateThe depth of resolveYou’ve managed to mine […]

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Saying Yes

Comes at a cost.The cost of saying noTo other things thatCould also workTo other peopleWho could be great companionsTo other versions of our storyThat seem to hold so much promiseThat we will never come to know.To say yesTo one pathIs essentially to say noTo many others,And far being from a life of bondageTo a single […]

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Are all you really have.Yesterday’s events are sealedBeyond recoveryAnd tomorrow’s plans will only unfoldTomorrow.So whether today has been catastrophicOr if it has been the best day of your lifeThe next sequence of eventsIs not obviousNor set in stone,And the next step may not be somethingWorth posting on your wallYet from the greatest to the most […]

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Sitting on the fenceOften feels like a good alternativeTo making a decision.A safer way to navigateThe perilous world of being‘Damned if you doAnd damned if you don’t’When the best thing to do isn’t obvious.It can feel so much saferTo drag your feetTo hesitateTo look for someone to tell you what to do.Or to wait for […]

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Getting into the festive mood

Is a decision. In this part of the world Many people decide from December 1st. And that decision creates a buoyancy That can usually last til January 2nd or so, When we “get back to reality”. But for the duration of the festive period, Many of us subconsciously choose To navigate the world with an […]

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At the moment he said yesHe had no way of ever being quite ready for it all.For what would later come with his decision.He had made his calculationsAnd had an inkling of what it could be,But until the reality of it came upon himHe would never really know the cost.After this, there would be thingsHe […]

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Track Record

We will not always find ourselvesOn the right side of history.One day, we may look atSome of the ideas we entertainedOr the things we overlookedAnd wish we had chosen different.Thought different.Been different.But we are who we areAnd we have come to where we are,One decision at a time. The task, then, is to decideHow the […]

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To be clear, Your failure as a result of an effort that didn’t go right Will always be better than you never even trying; Never raising your hand or speaking up, Never putting that own to paper, Never even applying Not actually giving something worthwhile a shot. Today is as good as any to take […]

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When it comes to worthwhile academic or vocational pursuits, Its not so clear cut what counts as a worthy pursuit anymore. We can all point to examples of unhappy lawyers and doctors, Though highly respected pushed to the edge Worked to the bone; almost resentful of the well-beaten path They find their feet on. And […]

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Inconvenience is temporary

Inconveniences, ultimately, remain that way in part because we treat them as things taking us out of our way. As things we would rather be without It’s inconvenient to have to take the long way around to work But if you had a good enough reason to take the longer route It becomes a part […]

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