On comparing yourself to others

There really is no need.No real real obligation to do this.You won’t lose nearly as muchAs you think you willIf you just stay in your lane.The greatness of othersNeed not diminish your own significanceOr serve as a reference pointFor your particular journey.Your path is your ownFit-for-purposeFor the strength of your legsAnd the contour of your […]

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We have become His poetry

From enemies and vagabondsTo lovers and trusted sonsGod has done a thingThat we will sing about forever,For He has penned a glorious stanzaWith our very lives,Weaving together seemingly random eventsThat converge to form a constellation of His mercies-Moments that made no senseSeasons so dark we lost our very selvesNon-linear paths that all led usHere.To His […]

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Peaches and plums

Great is the discontent  Of the man who demands  That a different fruit grow  On the trees of his life. It may be that he desires  A better quality fruit, For which he must ensure  A rich soil and conducive moisture, But for a plum tree to produce peaches? Being exasperated that the plums  Are […]

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Metronome of Jesus

He lived His life on earthAt the pace of Heaven.Thirty yearsWas not too long to wait,Three yearsWas enough time for execution,The measure of his infleunceWas not in the number of followers,He would not be hurriedAnd yet was always open to digressions,He confidently sought the audience of thousandsAnd aslo craved solitude with His Father.The metronome of […]

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Unlikely paths

David was just a lad. A typical last born, Eager to grow up Earnest in his pursuits Awkward in his steps. His veins ran quick With the blood of a warrior Something inescapable within him Seemed to always draw him to battle, Yet he found himself running errands For those that actually engaged in them. […]

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Fear base

If the biggest fear of your team members Is getting shouted at by the team leader Then they will do all they can to avoid showing you The spills that happen along the way And stop trying to improve when you are absent or in a good mood. If we are going to fear anything […]

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