Good Fit

It’s possible that the people you work with really are the problem. That the ‘system’ really is not in your favor The color of your skin, your biology and your zip code are all putting you At a disadvantage. Basically, not a good fit. But it’s also possible that your tendency to isolate yourself, Your […]

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The trouble with the narrative of victimhood Particularly when it comes to feelings of being discriminated against, Is that it tends to over-simplify the circumstances That play out. Creating perfectly innocent victims and unforgivably selfish villains And often downplaying inconvenient truths Or exaggerating offences. Its not there really aren’t uneven scales at play Or that […]

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Other people’s biases

  Right now there may be people choosing against you And what you have to offer On the basis of your race, your nationality Your gender, your age, your religion and so on. Right now. As we speak. We may never be aware of most of these decisions that people are making And sometimes it […]

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