The trouble with resurrections

Is that we can’t pull them off.We often want stories that are linear,Straight lines from victory to victory:Not stillborn dreamsNot crumbling empiresAnd definitely not the deathOf our greatest ambitions-Because its hard to come backFrom the dead.There is One who diedAnd returned from deathUndoing the thingsThat had left us undone,Giving us what we needed mostBut had […]

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The harrowing prayer of Christ in that gardenDid not change His circumstance.It was His last few momentsBefore going up to be crucified,A crucifixion He spoke of repeatedly.The contents of the prayerReveal a level of vulnerabilityThat is most unsettling.Christ accepts His crushing fateWhile at the same time expressing His desireFor another way.He did not consider His […]

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The promise of EasterIs that God really didLet it all go.More than was reasonableMore than was fair.Christ is in the businessOf making lovers out of enemies,He does not wieldOur faults against usTo keep us in line,He firmly places our offenceIn an irretrievable placeFar beyond the reachOf our doubtsOr our tendency to fall.We are forgiven:A gift […]

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The morning that changed everything. When death was defied And the gravest injustice Was simultaneously the greatest redemption. The ultimate come back story Where a man who claimed to be God Came back with the receipts. Larger than life, His Person looms over human history Inextinguishable Indefatigable. His story told and retold over millennia Yet […]

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Nails were driven Into His Hands, His feet. His side was pierced His back was beaten His head was bruised. He hung, Held up not just by nails But His will to please the Father. His love for us Cost Him everything- The air in his lungs ceased for us His blood flowed on our […]

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There are no good men

Only sinners who found mercy Like convicts on death row who’ve found a surrogate at the last hour Debtors with cancelled debts. There are no redeeming acts No self-attained righteousness for even The noblest among us, No track record worth keeping. There are no good men. Our revolutionaries became oppressors We repeat the errors of […]

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