Time is short

So why live under pressure?Why demand that every momentBe unbelievably high?Or that every effort adds up in a wayThat immediately makes sense?Unrealistic expectationsInvite deep disappointments –So why spend the little time you haveBrushing aside the daily flecks of wonderIn pursuit of golden gourdsAt the end of elusive and potentiallyNon-existent rainbows?The time is short-Reach as high […]

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Bent towards generosity

You may not have the moneyTo help the person in front of youBut you do have earsTo hear their story.You may not have the wordsTo comfort the grievingBut you do have arms to hold them.You may not have a positionOr a titleBut you can still show upAs one who cares.Generosity isn’t for aCertain kind of […]

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