You dance, you limp

Some nights  I find that I can dance with fear.  Look it straight in the face  And find my rhythm anyway, Ignore its calls for me to sit down Turn its threats into melodies  Somehow dancing on disappointment and Shaming the devil in his own game.  And some mornings  I can tell that sleep  Hasn’t […]

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What happiness is like

Happiness looks a lot likeLetting go of expectations.It tastes like making friendsOut of bitter enemies.It smells like trust.It rhymes with communityIts in the same class as forgivenessAnd it goes on vacation with having a good sense of humor.When happiness seems out of reachThe next best thingIs to reach for its neighbors. It looks like accepting […]

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Expecting Miracles

In a world of ultra convenienceWe seem to have acquiredA strange new strand of impatience,Getting madWhen things that were onceInconceivable for human beingsDon’t happen for usOn demand.These devices in our pocketsBring us promisesOf the truly miraculousEvery morning:Access to ‘private’ conversations around the globe,Endless streams of knowledgeSeemingly bottomless pools of possibility-Until our geographical realitySlaps us in […]

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