The Empath

She carries the pain of othersOn her shoulders.She sits so close to the grievingThat their tears wet her face too,Her soles are crackedFrom putting herself in the shoes of others,Her eyes stay open at nightPondering the traumas of those she has come across,Her mind scouring the earthFor a place to lay down the tragedy of […]

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Expecting Miracles

In a world of ultra convenienceWe seem to have acquiredA strange new strand of impatience,Getting madWhen things that were onceInconceivable for human beingsDon’t happen for usOn demand.These devices in our pocketsBring us promisesOf the truly miraculousEvery morning:Access to ‘private’ conversations around the globe,Endless streams of knowledgeSeemingly bottomless pools of possibility-Until our geographical realitySlaps us in […]

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Hearts that lie

My heart seems convinced  That I am a victim. Been lugging around  Every loss and every disadvantage Like a favorite piece of furniture  That I refuse to part with, So convinced that these weights Are just keeping me real Keeping me grounded, That they really aren’t Holding me back.  It tells me ‘You’ll be happier  […]

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The thing beneath the thing

Not much in our emotional lives Is random. Friction adds up And doesn’t go away when you ignore it. Like rust, it slowly builds Into corners of resentment Nooks of bitterness Carving out a private lounge of victimhood. And often it’s the external blow outs That get all the attention- The obviously threatening situations That […]

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