The failures of others

Are not necessarily occasionsFor your withdrawalOr consternation,As though you were an inanimatePiece of paperYellowing under the unforgiving sun,Curling in on itself Becoming increasingly deformedAs though it had no choice.Unlike that paperYou are not obligatedTo bend into yourselfWhen you are in pain-Something beautiful can be madeFrom your trauma.The failures of othersNeed not define youNor be the […]

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Learning to swim

Sometimes it’s not that you’re a bad swimmer-You’ve landed yourself in choppy waters.Sometimes the water will be colder than you expected-Swim fast to keep warm.Sometimes your arms and legs will get tired-Take a break. This is not a race.Sometimes you’ll just tread water and stay in the same spot-You could use the exercise. Keep paddling.Sometimes […]

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