‘Are we there yet?’

In some ways 2021Is harder than 2020.Its not the heavy downpour,But the slow, unrelenting dripThat wears us down in the end.Life before the pandemicSeems increasingly distantAnd much simpler in a sad wayBecause it didn’t feelThat way at the time.And it seems unclearIf this generationWill be bound to always have An impending sense of doomLooking over […]

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Sometimes the edgesAre where we feel most comfortableThe unvarnished corners of the roomWhere its easy to hideEasy to get used to pretencePerformanceClaiming to be at peaceWhen we’re really just tired of fightingLike those drained out nightsWhen you pass out on the sofaKnowing you should get up and go to bedYet the painful akwardness ofBeing in […]

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