Hair on an Egg

Have you ever seen hair Growing an egg? You won’t. Have you ever been on the edge Of some great adventure, On the cusp of a worthwhile, audacious project And then searched long and hard For the one reason Not to show up? You’ll probably find it. But the fact that you had to search […]

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Cost nothing as a kid.Naivete about the world allowsChildhood aspirations to bubbleEffortlessly to the surface,And at that ageTime seems infinite,Our very existence is teemingWith possibility.As a kid, unless something comesAnd breaks your spirit earlier than usual,Anything is possible.Now as an adultDreams are expensive.Irresponsible even.And at some point,Many of us make peaceWith them never bearing fruit.Life […]

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Other people’s achievements

Are external landmarksOf the good things that have come to passAlong their path.What you see as you scroll on yourTimelineIs not evidence of your inadequacyNor indicators of where you‘Should’ be.Seeing someone else’s smooth sailingDoesn’t have to take the wind outOf your own sails.Other people’s achievementsHave nothing to do with you,With your combination of fear and […]

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Shaking my head. Passing judgement Casting stones Handing out shame. Freely. Levelling my gaze of disapproval, Of borderline disgust And disappointment At this person Who never seems to get it right Who regularly sinks to the level Of my low expectations Whose accomplishments are easy to overlook And whose faults are so glaringly obvious. I’ve […]

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Pebble in her shoe

The problem with her problems Is that it was incredibly hard to gain perspective about them, To ration her level of concern appropriately And tune out the noise of her stomach-churning tendency Of vividly imagining the worst case scenario. Her flashes of panic could not distinguish Whether the pain in her head Was an innocent […]

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Sometimes the edgesAre where we feel most comfortableThe unvarnished corners of the roomWhere its easy to hideEasy to get used to pretencePerformanceClaiming to be at peaceWhen we’re really just tired of fightingLike those drained out nightsWhen you pass out on the sofaKnowing you should get up and go to bedYet the painful akwardness ofBeing in […]

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Performing arts

It starts with a heightened awarenessOf your flaws.Your differenceHow no one seems to share your point of viewHow being transparent seems to not work in your favor,And so you turn inwards for answers,Introspecting,Manufacturing within yourself thingsYou think others would prefer to see about you,And then choose put that on display.And at first you put on […]

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Self exclusion

If you go about searching for exclusion And disqualification in the world You will surely find it. And that does not mean it’s all in your head: It’s really there But your insecurity makes it that much more so. What really bothers us sometimes Is that people seem to discern from afar What we wrestle […]

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Social Window

There are those daysWhen some of us find ourselvesIntensely eyeballing the screens in our handsTo peer at the work of others,With an eye of comparison.Feeding insecurityWith every swipe up.Was contentment always this hard?Doing the work has never been easyAnd on those days its harder when we seeHow well we could be doing.The feeling grows even […]

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