Social Window

There are those daysWhen some of us find ourselvesIntensely eyeballing the screens in our handsTo peer at the work of others,With an eye of comparison.Feeding insecurityWith every swipe up.Was contentment always this hard?Doing the work has never been easyAnd on those days its harder when we seeHow well we could be doing.The feeling grows even […]

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Spinning wheels

Father Do you see me? Spinning wheels Looking for solutions Hungry to bounce back. I imagine my activity to be the difference Between success and failure. The strength of my legs enough to force open The doors. My fears keep me up at night. Assuring me the worst will happen Unless I run. And keep […]

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Fear, you see, Is an occupational hazard of being human. It’s part of our deal with life. Inescapable, though not insurmountable. Beyond the inherent fears that ensure our basic survival There are fears that create structures in our hearts As real as brick and mortar. So in the construction sites of our dreams Its best […]

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Fear base

If the biggest fear of your team members Is getting shouted at by the team leader Then they will do all they can to avoid showing you The spills that happen along the way And stop trying to improve when you are absent or in a good mood. If we are going to fear anything […]

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