The failures of others

Are not necessarily occasionsFor your withdrawalOr consternation,As though you were an inanimatePiece of paperYellowing under the unforgiving sun,Curling in on itself Becoming increasingly deformedAs though it had no choice.Unlike that paperYou are not obligatedTo bend into yourselfWhen you are in pain-Something beautiful can be madeFrom your trauma.The failures of othersNeed not define youNor be the […]

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The promise of EasterIs that God really didLet it all go.More than was reasonableMore than was fair.Christ is in the businessOf making lovers out of enemies,He does not wieldOur faults against usTo keep us in line,He firmly places our offenceIn an irretrievable placeFar beyond the reachOf our doubtsOr our tendency to fall.We are forgiven:A gift […]

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The land of no sorry

What to doWhen the offender will not apologize?When they fail to acknowledgeThat any wrong has been doneAnd shows no sign of changing tack?What to doWhen you find yourself languishingIn the land of no sorry?The forsaken desert ofNo remorse andNo repentance?You do the unthinkableAnd indeed the least desirable-Carry forgiveness in your heart.It is the only water […]

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Fortune favors the brave?

It depends on what you mean byBravery.If you mean throwing caution to the windMaking self-gratifying yet shortsighted decisionsInflating benefits and downplaying risks,Telling blatant lies to get aheadWielding privilege like weapon-The world may reward this behaviorBut it certainly isn’t brave.Swallowing your pride and saying sorry first,Relentlessly choosing to be generousWhen chances are high you’ll be misunderstood,Taking […]

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Awkward carols

Christmas carols are not typically sung Outside of December. As such, I think we can be forgiven For not getting the cadence and rhythm of the words right As we awkwardly stumble through Long pauses and extended notes In very wordy verses. It’s awkward but still worth doing. You know what else is awkward Around […]

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In relation to Him

When it comes to forgiveness God commands us to forgive without room for excuses for extreme cases or repeat offenders. To always forgive basically. How though? How can He demand this of us? Does He not see the oppressors and those who take advantage of weakness? Does he not see the insincere regrets of men? […]

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Making right

There is nothing quite like making right with someone you care about, Ending a cold war of Leaving important things unsaid Withholding affection and Convincing ourself that you don’t need that person in your life, Promising yourself to not let down your pride Until they let down theirs. It can really be exhausting to keep […]

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