Soft Tissue

Bruises easily, Hurts a lot, Crumples under pressure And is easily overlooked- The supportive spouse  Who sacrifices for their partner, The praying mother  Who spends her years on her knees For her son, The minimum wage worker who wakes up extra early To give her all for a job She really should be paid for.  […]

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Community is

Hearing myselfIn the voices of others,Their storiesRunning parallel to my ownTheir strugglesBringing tears to my eyes,Their victoriesLifting my spirit too.I was clearly always meantTo walk with thesePrecious othersBecause thoughOur paths are ultimately unique,The cadence of their strideIs strikingly similar to mineTheir companyIs just what I neededAnd we seem to be goingIn the same direction.To commune […]

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Words for the grieving.

There are few.Few that will suffice.Few that will offer true solace.Words cannot fill a voidThat a person once did.They will always be inadequateAlways less than what a bewildered heartNeeds.So if you find yourselfIn the presence of the grievingAnd on the verge of mounting intoA monologue regarding the nature of lifeAnd death,Keep in viewThe limits of […]

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Performing arts

It starts with a heightened awarenessOf your flaws.Your differenceHow no one seems to share your point of viewHow being transparent seems to not work in your favor,And so you turn inwards for answers,Introspecting,Manufacturing within yourself thingsYou think others would prefer to see about you,And then choose put that on display.And at first you put on […]

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True colours

When does someone show you their “true colours”? The moment they disappoint you? When they set boundaries you think are “too much”? Choose differently to what you expected? Call you out? Humans are more than one thing, And our feelings about each other can often be mixed. Sometimes people simply outgrow each other And other […]

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Brave Faces vs. Brave Hearts

Brave faces are what we put on when everything isn’t okay at home.A show of strengthThe forced smile in public places.The half-hearted appearance at gatherings like a mindless roll call.A lot of the fodder on our newsfeeds are brave facesThe pleasant but joyless phone call.Putting on a brave face is not bravery at allIts going […]

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Walk with me

Side by side.Accompany me.I fear that in your haste for progress You might try to pull me from the frontAnd lose sight of meAnd I will resent you for it.Or maybe you’ll try to push me from behindOnly to be surprised at how much I stumble,And despise me for being so slow.So if you really […]

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Has its place.Repairs in your home.Assembling furniture.Painting a back wall.Planting a garden.But its not always usefulAs a posture for being a part of community.Other human beings can be simultaneouslyOur greatest joys and deepest frustrations:There is no way of having one withoutThe possibility of the other.When your self-sufficiencyKeeps you from accepting the contributions of others,It creates […]

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Conversations with friends

Are like book markers in a book; They give immediate context of where we’re at, Remind us of the ground we’ve covered And give us a sense of what is still to come. Words that bubble through the air From their lips to our hearts As though they were always meant to live there. Perhaps […]

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