Has its place.Repairs in your home.Assembling furniture.Painting a back wall.Planting a garden.But its not always usefulAs a posture for being a part of community.Other human beings can be simultaneouslyOur greatest joys and deepest frustrations:There is no way of having one withoutThe possibility of the other.When your self-sufficiencyKeeps you from accepting the contributions of others,It creates […]

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Conversations with friends

Are like book markers in a book; They give immediate context of where we’re at, Remind us of the ground we’ve covered And give us a sense of what is still to come. Words that bubble through the air From their lips to our hearts As though they were always meant to live there. Perhaps […]

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From a distance

She wasn’t “his type”And neither was he hers.And yet they found something truly wonderfulThat has bloomed in ways they never could have considered.Love, it turns out, saw something they hadn’t. She was sure that the people of her new churchWere really not her people.She was sure they would never know her well.And yet she found […]

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What are friends for?

Friends are there to deeply wound The pride that would otherwise isolate you. They are there to remind you of your humanity- The dignity and awkwardness of it. Friends lend their thinking to your crises Their shoulders to your burdens Their laughter to your stupidity Their stillness to your fear. They will come to your […]

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Savior Complex

There is no human coming to save you. No one can do that much saving Not the kind you need anyways. But I am here for you. Here because you needed me Here because you were too proud to ask. So I came anyway. Perhaps one day I will need you. On a day when […]

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Making friends as an adult

Is incredibly hard. Taxing even. Imagine trying to shake handsWith someoneWho is in a car.That is moving.Slowly at first, But then you realize That you didn’t realizeHow fast the car was goingOr that you were in your own car too. Its hard.Friendship in general is a miracleDon’t feel bad If it doesn’t happen easilyOr last […]

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Visionary blindness

If you can get past the scary bits about a leap of faith, It can really be exciting. The anticipation of a potential new experience The exhilaration of knowing things could really change. Yet often when we leap, we land in somewhat awkward spaces. Definitely not where we started but Not quite where we hoped […]

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