On putting our knives away

When things get heatedAnd conversations grow horns,Our hearts respond in turnBy coming dressed for the occasionBearing knives.Knives that are too easy to pick upAnd too hard to put down-Lacerations of the tongueTargeted jabs of the replyAnd the ever-threatening knife to the throatOf a sharp tone of voice.Its unfortunate that long afterThe final word has been […]

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Emotional Apparatus

As a man,I find it hard to cry.Not because I think tearsAre beneath me,Nor that I think that somehow the natural fluidThe fleetingly emanates from my eyesIs inherentlyEmasculating.I just don’t have haveThe emotional apparatusTo draw from the deep emotional well where tears live,At will.For me, the waterworks need a lot ofEncouragement.Hence, I don’t cry often.And […]

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