Future Happiness

University at eighteenStraight As but with a social lifeDream job straight outta schoolMarried by thirtyFirst home within a year of thatHolidays in distant placesFriends in high placesPerfect kidsThe best schoolsEarly retirement-Fill in the blanksWith your recipe for yourFuture happiness.The future is elusive by natureAnd it’s hard enough to perfectly predict the weatherLet alone future bliss.The […]

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Writing for future resources

Writing is a powerful wayTo create future resources for ourselvesAnd the people we seek to serve.Insights in the shower,whispers of ideas that tickle our ears randomly in the dayCould just the seeds for the work we may do in the future.In a world where scrolling is stronger reflex than writingThere will always be more stimuli […]

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Day one

12 months ago We sat down and dreamed About what this new decade would be like. We projected and analyzed Having several assumptions based On what previous years had afforded us. But after a year like 2020, When so many things we had taken for granted Were upended in a matter of days, When we […]

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