On serving the youth

The youth of the young Is a thing to be weary of  As much as it is a thing  To be celebrated. Weary because its not a handicap And delaying their adulthood  Is a loss to us all. Celebrated Because the fruit of our labor Will be born on their trees.  They are more than […]

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For the youth

Why is it that youth need to be ‘empowered’?Who were our parents building for all along?We have never been“The next generation” –From the moment we were bornWe had a part to play.They told us to wait and watch.We were children thenAnd now we are adultsAnd it is becoming increasingly obviousHow foolish it is to keep […]

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The times they are a-changin’

Dylan was right.Reality has always been fragile,Just a matter of timeUntil what we love in this worldBecomes memories of once wasAnd in just a little whileWhat we hoped for in the distanceAnd dreaded from afarWill be right upon us.Love deeplyLive intentionallyLet your eye linger on the beauty of the earth,Let your mind be grapple with […]

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Filling cups

There came a generationThat was no longer lookingFor signs and wonders,No longer sought holy men who’d seenThe face of God,Nor a guiding starThat might lead them yonder-No.These were self-directed onesWho made their own miracles,Customized their own reality-Filled their own cups.The trouble with beingA self-worshiping generationIs that our cupsNever quite run over,And the feasts we make […]

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Are harder to reach than we might imagine.We put a lot of effort manufacturing ideal early impressionsBut its impossible to know for sureWhat we will be remembered for.We are living in age where the heroes of the pastAre the scapegoats of todayAnd who’s to sayIf the scoundrels of our dayWon’t be hailed as the freedom […]

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Generic Advice

Generally sucks. If you actually care  About the person you are about to  “Educate” Pause and consider  If you actually know them, Or have a sense of the world they inhabit. Do you care enough  To listen before you pontificate  Your tried and true insights? As you lay out your vision  For how their life […]

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Any day now

You’ll be glad you leftThat toxic relationship.The pain won’t be as freshThe rejection won’t be as rawYour need for their pat on your backWon’t itch so bad anymoreAnd you’ll find thatWings are better than cagesEven though theyWill always have something to sayAbout the way you flap them.Any day nowYou’ll come of ageWhen you’ll be okayWith […]

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Unto Ourselves

Are there not limits to how muchSaving of ourselvesWe can do?If ‘God helps those who helps themselves‘Where does that leave the helpless?If ‘we are the ones we’ve been waiting for‘Where do we goWhen we don’t know where to go?How can we leadWhen we haven’t been led?Show grace when we’ve never beenAfforded the benefit of the […]

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La Brega

Spanish for the posture you assume When the odds are against you from birth, When foreign aid assumes a permanent role In your community Because it seems unlikely that you’ll ever Prosper without it, When people celebrate your capacity To suffer, To be hard pressed and not crushed. Songs of struggle should not be sung […]

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Coming of age

This year all the 90s kids will officially be counted as adults. We are coming of age. The talk of the “next generation” has been on the lips of many, from pulpits to rallies to corporate boardrooms, And while some have made room for newcomers There has been a growing sense among us millennials of not […]

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