There is more than enough for everybody

Believing this changes a lot.There’s no jostling for crumbsOr conspiring just to belongKeeping tabs on everyone’s spot on the totem poleConvinced that life dependsOn your ability to manipulate it,Hogging every opportunityFor fear that this might be the last.No.Despite what it might feel likeThere’s more than enough for everybody.Life expands to the level of your genrosityOr […]

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Perishable goods

Our bank accountsOur healthThe houses we live inThe people we loveThe institutions we trustThe careers we pine forThe politics we’d die forThe breath in our lungs.All goods in the end are perishable.Not much lasts forever.So perhaps its to best to liveWith an open-handednessThat doesn’t grasp too tightlyOn things that, by nature,Are always slipping away.

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Receiving end

Its not easy to get out from under the weightOf being a persistent recipient.Where no one expects anything of youAnd that compounds until you don’t either.Making passivity a part of your identityAs though all you have capacity forIs to eat what others have produced.Generosity is not for the richNor love for the lovelyAnd showing up […]

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Bent towards generosity

You may not have the moneyTo help the person in front of youBut you do have earsTo hear their story.You may not have the wordsTo comfort the grievingBut you do have arms to hold them.You may not have a positionOr a titleBut you can still show upAs one who cares.Generosity isn’t for aCertain kind of […]

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Is a free choice.And since the choiceIs freeIt can be made at any point.It is not reservedFor those that have excessOr who have a track recordOf selflessness,Not only for chronic do-goodersWith bleeding-heart charity,It is not a function reserved forPhilanthropistsNor for people with‘Nice life problems.’More than money,Generosity is a choice.A posture of heartAn open handed perspectiveA […]

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On being a hero

There is a sketchy kind of humilityThat stems from a having a need to be a hero.A sense of obligation to suffer for othersEven when it is not called for,Perhaps even feeling guiltyFor having good fortune.Being concerned about the less fortunateIs a wonderful virtueBut a terrible way to cover upFalse humility.Acts of service done for […]

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I am currently between homesAnd I recently got an opportunityTo give a gift to the family hosting me.It was a small thingBut it made me feel a little less awkward.I think it came from a good placeBut it made me ponder on why gifts are sometimes hard to receive. Sometimes being on the receiving endOf […]

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Selfish Wonders

There’s a temptation To not try generous things, Because they will not be appreciated, And wasted on a people that do not care, That do not see us Or what we contribute. We protest that we are unseen Yet we hide in the shadows of apathy, Mixing genuine exclusion with our own reluctance, For fear […]

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