This powerful thingThat connects billionsAnd divides them fromBillions of others,This thing that allows some of usTo walk thoughtlessly through the worldAssuming it was built with us in mind,And yet this same thingReminds so many others of usThat they need to hurry up and ‘upgrade’ themselvesIf they want to belong.English unites and divides usIt opens up […]

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Headlines up close

Most of us will never make the news.Whether for disaster or delightThe news remains somethingOn the other side of town,One step removed.But when a virus we first saw on TVEighteen months agoMade its way into our neighborhoodsInto our householdsAnd then all the way into our lungs,Those once distant headlinesLoomed large,Large enough to revealThat humanity is […]

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La Brega

Spanish for the posture you assume When the odds are against you from birth, When foreign aid assumes a permanent role In your community Because it seems unlikely that you’ll ever Prosper without it, When people celebrate your capacity To suffer, To be hard pressed and not crushed. Songs of struggle should not be sung […]

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Second fiddle

Far too often, development in Africa Looks like a knock off of progress made in other parts of the world, Ideas that percolated in foreign minds That were tried and tested on (and for) foreign soils Only to be cut and pasted In a different context For different minds Different soil. Learning how others have […]

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