The Long Game

We are not in a rush.We have no points to prove,Just goals to achieve.We are not out hereTrying to appearLike we have ‘arrived’When the journey has reallyJust begun.We are not ashamedOf starting small.We will not dismiss ourselvesBecause we have been overlooked by others.We will not measure ourselvesBy the success of other people,We will celebrate every […]

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Perfect Paths

Sometimes, we tell ourselvesThat unless we findThe perfect pathThen its foolish to takeThe first step.And yet that is theMost foolish step to of all-The commitment to being noncommittalThe choice of not choosingThe decision to not decide;WaitingFor someone elseTo make your dreams come true.In case you were wondering –There are no perfect paths.No one gets them.No […]

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We are not living in the Matrix. There is no red pill or blue pill to choose from. There is no alternate reality where nothing goes wrong And all your choices lead to exactly where you want to go. Real life is non-binary There are often several paths to choose from But the outcomes are […]

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Not everything can be microwaved

How long can you sit with discomfort? Uncertainty? Imagine the absurdity of getting anxious That a seed you sowed a few days ago hasn’t sprouted Or that the baby born last November Isn’t paying her own taxes? Things take time. There’s no other way to say it. Hacks. Shortcuts and creative work arounds May get […]

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On to the next one

When I was still at high schoolI couldn’t wait to go to college.And when I got to collegeI found myself longing to graduate.And now, as a graduateThere are countless next steps to aim for,And always a sense thatSomething’s missing.Daily, the goal posts shiftEver so slightly.There’s always something else.Something beyond.The job I once dreamed ofIs now […]

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Rehearsing the future

Is impossible of course. There is no way of practicing what is yet to come. As we make plans for such an uncertain year It’s tempting to only feel confident When we have thought through and made plans for Every eventuality. But we’ve never actually known for certain what a day will bring, And much […]

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Here’s a (non exhaustive) list of things You don’t need permission for: 1. Kindness. 2. Showing up on time. 3. Taking responsibility for stuff no one says thank you for. 4. Washing someone else’s plate. 5. Sharing a good idea. 6. Making something of that idea. 7. Forgiveness. 8. Being happy with a little bit […]

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You Only Get Today OnceUnlike YOLOThis is not an endorsement of a scarcity mindsetAs though we should behave as though this moment is all that we have.It’s not.We have a historyAnd God willing we have a future,And today is an opportunity to tip the arcThat connects our past and our future in a particular direction.The […]

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We don’t expect much from infants.We feel lucky for getting a smile out,A giggle is like a million bucks.Little humans have no heavy expectationsAnd we expect nothing from them.We tell them,‘’Simply exist.’’And so they do. With each passing dayThey grow olderAnd the expectations begin to mount.Before we know it, we have a rambunctious childOn our […]

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