We don’t expect much from infants.We feel lucky for getting a smile out,A giggle is like a million bucks.Little humans have no heavy expectationsAnd we expect nothing from them.We tell them,‘’Simply exist.’’And so they do. With each passing dayThey grow olderAnd the expectations begin to mount.Before we know it, we have a rambunctious childOn our […]

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Leaps of faith

You probably should not take one everyday,Because, by nature, they do not always work out.Real leaps involve real risks.The consequences can be devastatingThe weight of disappointment canDrive the air right out of your lungs,Leave you flat on your back.Winded.Dashed hopes don’t mend quickly.That voice in your head will not hesitateTo say ‘I told you so’.And […]

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We broke a window yesterday at my cousin’s. Well, actually, the wind broke it. But it’s because we left it open during the storm. Partly our fault but Mostly nature’s doing. Anyways, we fixed it today. Partly because we could afford to Mostly because it’s the kind of thing that happens here. Problems get solved. […]

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The Anatomy of your excuses

Is largely a creation of your own doing A series of conclusions That you have reached based usually on the one or two negative things that are truly hindering your progress. The rest is all you. Sure, you don’t have enough money for your project But unwisely spending what you currently do have is not […]

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