Is there only one blessing?

Esau pleaded, “But do you have only one blessing? Oh my father, bless me, too!” Then Esau broke down and wept.Genesis 27:38 There was Esau;Empty handed, Broken-hearted At the feet of his father,Tricked by his brother,Tears streaming down his facePleading for a blessing From his father’s lips That had been intercepted By his trickster brother, Jacob.His father, Isaac, Had only one […]

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Different directions

She knew all alongThat she’d always been headedIn a different direction.That what she was hoping forWas not going to be possible,That who she was hoping to becomeWas beyond her reach.She was irretrievably goingIn a different directionAs her most elegant dreams,No matter how hard she triedShe was powerless to alter Her trajectory.Her life felt like A […]

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Daily Beauty

Be reminded that God made the world Beautiful And if so, then how much more Beautiful is He? Keep in mind That when we draw near to Him We are approaching ultimate Glory And that a moment spent with Him Is all the beauty we will ever need On every day No matter how bleak […]

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Resources for love

There are infinite resources For love In Christ. Everything we ever needed Everything we ever hope for. He is not our role model Or just somebody to show the way But He is The Great Lover of our souls Our Kinsman Redeemer, Making heirs out of orphans Forming sons out of enemies Piercing human divisions […]

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Supply came long before demand

When God made His green earth He carved out supply Long before any need Was ever felt. The habitat of Eden was fashioned Long before its inhabitants were Formed from its dust, The sun burned brightly Long before there were any Humans to celebrate its rising Or marvel at its setting. Long before we learned […]

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The church is not a product

To buyNor a show to attendNor a business to invest in-It is a body to belong to.Those that sit in her pewsAre not audience membersSeeking entertainment,They are members of a symphony,Participants in a dance a dance of graceWhere sinners get their day ofReckoning with mercy,Where the imperfectMeet PerfectionWhere crooked motivesAre made whole,Where the work ofSelf-deternination […]

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The Peace of God

Is a quiet violence On the wars that rage within. Killing the things that are killing me. It is a gift. Not an achievement Not merely a consequence of happy circumstance. It is not driven off by disaster It does not hold us ransom Threatening to leave If life takes unexpected turns. The peace of […]

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Arid Spaces

Thirsty groundMakes even the muddiest puddlePrecious.Thirst can make the bitterTaste sweet for a moment.So parched can a throat become,So weary and battered, thatAnything will doAnything for a moment’sRespite.On the verge of deliriumReaching forSomethingAnythingTo quench this furnaceWithin.DesperationHas driven men and womenTo dark placesFor when the soul isIn the desertWith cracked lipsAnd broken skinNo amount of self-soothingBreathes […]

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The hardest thing to label

Is a human being. Because, naturally, We resist. It feels as though a label Is less an observation of who we are And more a limiting projection Of who we are always going to be. Labels. They can help us make sense of our Differences, Figure out How best we serve each other And know […]

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Watching the wind

God called manTo be stewards of His creationTo name the animals He madeTo inhabit the earth He createdTo be sowers of seed-Not watchers of windNor foretellersOf what will succeedAnd what will fall to pieces.There’s something aboutSowing seedThat demands trust.For every crop that has everBeen producedWe have only sown the seed,And done our best to nurture […]

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