On blaming COVID

There are always reasons To not care. To be selfish. To complain. To resist a necessary change. To not give your best To hold back your truth To not give to the poor To choose to be dissatisfied. There are always reasons that are By definition, very reasonable. Reasons why you should be let off […]

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Fragile Systems

Part of the beauty of the human body and any intelligent system Is its ability to adapt. To be able to have certain essential functions still running In non-ideal situations Your heart should still beat, even when you haven’t eaten for hours, Your lungs still take in air even when you are tired, And considering […]

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Slow internet

Half-loaded images. Non-responsive links. The eternal loading sign That never seems to end. Videos that buffer for longer than the actual viewing time An altogether slothful experience that makes you feel like your life is slowing ebbing away as you stare at a screen. For all the hype we make about technology making life easier, […]

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