They forgot the bread

The disciples had forgotten to bring bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat. Mark 8:14 His disciples hadn’t done their homework They regularly failed to anticipate group meal times And often found themselves unprepared for the day’s events. Maybe travelling with Jesus was a whirlwind of activity, Never really quite […]

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What have you overlooked lately? Who’s love have you taken for granted? What experiences in your past Have you chosen to despise That actually led you to where you are now? Who’s praise did you brush off too quickly? All too easily we find ourselves Retelling stories of how we’ve been shortchanged; Making much of […]

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So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 There’s a sinking feeling I get When I see my fridge emptying Or my bank balance receding, As a consequence of consuming food And spending money. This is somewhat illogical, […]

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Ephesian mandate

No matter your station in this life There are good works He has prepared for us to do: Blogs to write Nations to steward Children to raise Streets to sweep Gardens to plant Dishes to clean Code to write Letters to draft Files to manage Patients to treat Justice to fight for Rights to defend […]

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Great Equalizer

We are all on the wrong side of the equation. Less than we should be Distorted by the intensity of our desires, Unable to handle pleasure, With a fatal attraction to evil. The scariest things about being alive on this earth, Do not emanate from the skies above Or crevices below, But from the recesses […]

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What can we say? The struggle was real. But God was good. Like any year we started out with high hopes and great expectations, We sometimes found our feet on the paths we dreamed of And other times we could not recognize our own shoe size. Some of us were humbled severely, Having had our […]

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In relation to Him

When it comes to forgiveness God commands us to forgive without room for excuses for extreme cases or repeat offenders. To always forgive basically. How though? How can He demand this of us? Does He not see the oppressors and those who take advantage of weakness? Does he not see the insincere regrets of men? […]

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Your sonship is not a function of your actions but a function of whose son or daughter you are. In Matthew 4 when Satan tempted Jesus, he said that if Jesus was the son of God then He should do such and such, But Jesus had already been called God’s son way before. He didn’t […]

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Disturbing Grace

There are certain people That you may think do not deserve grace, Kindness. Nor mercy. And chances are they don’t, As you don’t. The grace of God isn’t waiting for an opportunity For us to prove we deserve it Because we never will. We just need it. Our very existence as children of God Depends […]

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